Spring is always a busy time of year for our family.  With all the fun activities and everything else going on, I always need a good slow cooker recipe on hand. This recipe is as delicious as it is easy.

This meal is simple enough that it can be served any weeknight, but tasty enough you can add some steamed broccoli and homemade rolls and serve it for Sunday dinner.

This slow cooker Swiss chicken is made with just 6 ingredients – most of which you probably already have in your pantry.

Turmeric Chicken and Rice

This turmeric chicken and rice dish reminds me of chicken biryani, a dish which my sister in law introduced me and my family to.  We love the rice biryani so much, it has since become a regular take-out dish at my house. Luckily, I found this turmeric chicken rice recipe on the “Food and Wine” annual cookbook that my co-worker gave me recently.  I found some interesting recipes in the cookbook that I am already planning to make including this chicken rice dish.  In this recipe, the chicken pieces were first browned in melted butter and then cooked on low heat with the aromatics, spices and rice. The result was this incredibly delicious rice dish that is packed full of flavor. It was a complete meal in itself. I am so impressed on how this dish turned out. My family, especially my husband, could not get enough of it. He has been having it at work for couple of days now.  He enjoyed it as is but I had mine with tzatziki. Enjoy!

Pesto Salmon

This 15-minute pesto salmon recipe is loaded with garlicky pesto butter and fresh lemon juice. Its the perfect meal for busy weeknights.

If you want to make it healthier, you can swap the butter for olive oil, but it will need to be drizzled instead of scooped onto the salmon fillets.

Easiest Pineapple Cake

A delicious one bowl pineapple cake topped with a cream cheese frosting while it’s still warm.  This Easiest Pineapple Cake is a one bowl wonder!  Not only is it made easy by only needing one bowl to make it, there isn’t any butter or oil in the cake batter and yet it is extremely moist!

Glazed Cake Donuts

We tested out several recipes when creating our perfect Cake Donut recipe and I have to say, this one is the best. There seemed to be detailed information missing from the standard recipes I came across. I am not going to do that to you! Every detail you need to know is here which means you will create the best cake donut the first time and every time!

These Cake Donuts are covered in a sweet glaze and fried to perfection! You may never need to venture out for bakery donuts again after trying this fantastic homemade recipe! If you prefer a “lighter” donut 😂 feel free to check out this Glazed Donuts recipe!


Chicken is a good source of protein and other nutrients. If the fat and skin are removed and you bake or grill the chicken, it will be healthier.

This makes our 5-star grilled teriyaki chicken a healthier dinner option.  Chicken breasts are lower in fat and calories than chicken legs, drumsticks, or thighs.

You can also use thighs for this teriyaki recipe and they will still be delicious!

The marinade for your chicken can be healthier with a few simple changes. Teriyaki sauce is high in sodium. Choose lower sodium teriyaki sauce as a healthier option.

You will be able to enjoy a well grilled teriyaki chicken breast knowing that you have chosen a healthier option with your homemade marinade and method of cooking.


This Thai Green Curry Chicken recipe is my new addiction: sweet coconut milk and spicy green curry paste are blended together and added to strips of chicken, red bell peppers, sugar peas and fresh basil, making it a real quick fix for a comforting and beautiful looking weeknight meal. The fact that you can make this thai chicken recipe in under 20 minutes is not the only reason why I love it so much. It’s also a one-pan dish and absolutlely loaded with flavors.

And I should warn you, this green chicken curry is pretty spicy, pretty much the maximum heat that I can handle. Then again, I’ve never impressed anyone with the level of spiciness I can deal with!!! Even my 7-year old daughter Chloé handles heat better than I do and she just loves this dish! It actually makes her very proud that she can handle it. To think that I waited so long to make this recipe for her because I was afraid she would find the green curry sauce inedible because of the spiciness! Kids are always full of surprises. But don’t be afraid, you can always tone it down with more coconut milk.

Salmon Pasta & Lemon Cream Sauce

Look, I know that salmon has a pretty hefty price tag and you may be wondering why I would use fresh expensive salmon in a pasta recipe.  My reason is simple.  If you use the freshest, most fabulous ingredients you can find, you only need 5 to make the most extraordinary meal in the world.

This is a date night pasta, have friends over for dinner and spoil them pasta, or as in my case, cook it for hubby after a long day of DIY and reminisce about the similar pasta you enjoyed overlooking the Venice Canals pasta.

Pan Seared Salmon

Salmon is a quick and healthy meal that takes minimal effort to cook. When I’m looking for a simple meal that I know everyone will love, I turn to pan seared salmon. Salmon takes just minutes to cook, and the sauce for this dish only contains 5 ingredients! It doesn’t get much easier than this.

This pan seared salmon is tender salmon fillets coated in the most delicious garlic butter sauce. A super easy dinner option that can be on the table in less than 20 minutes!