Lemon Chicken Piccata With Grilled Bread

Is it just me or is chicken starting to be awesome again?

Through the last few years, Pinch of Yum aka my-personal-self went through a phase of chicken rebellion. I was doing things like creating meals with plant-based things like MUSHROOMS or NUTS or TOFU. Okay waaaait I still really love mushrooms and nuts and tofu and I am definitely still a part-time vegetarian with a deep love for the whole plant-based thing. Exhibit A.

But somewhere between the garlic and basil // the lemon and capers // the gold standard of BUTTER: me and chicken are back in business over here.

And today I’d like to present to you with my latest chicken favorite which is, in essence, juicy chicken breasts coated in a white wine lemon butter sauce situation and dotted (overwhelmingly dotted, if you will allow it) with those irresistibly briny capers. My mouth is watering. WAH TER ING. 👅

Oh, chicken piccata, you beauty, you.

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