The Best German Chocolate Cake in All the Land

Seriously. This is the best German chocolate cake I have ever made. In fact, it’s the best cake that I’ve ever made period. And I’ve made a lot.
In the few months since I first invented this recipe, I’ve made it so many times by popular demand that people are no longer requesting “that one German chocolate cake”. Now it’s just “Yammie, will you bring your cake this weekend?”


It’s here: the raw cake of my dreams. Raw Vegan Carrot Cake!

It’s tender, it’s cakey, it’s naturally sweetened, it’s topped with an optional but swoon-worthy vegan cream cheese “frosting,” and it’s all yours in just 10 basic ingredients and 30 minutes. Let’s do this!

Marble Cake

When you’re not sure whether you should make chocolate cake or vanilla cake, marble cake is the answer. It’s the best of both cake worlds! Chocolate and vanilla swirled together. A total win for everyone!

This recipe starts with my favorite vanilla cake. You’ll love it because it’s so incredibly soft and moist, and easy as can be to make in just one bowl.

Divide the batter into two separate bowls and and stir half of it together with a mixture of cocoa powder and water.

Then just fill your cake pans with alternating spoonfuls of each, and swirl together!

The Best Damn Fruitcake Ever

Raise your hand if you like fruitcake. No one? We’re right there with you. This Christmas classic has gotten a seriously bad reputation over the years, but we at PureWow are determined to change that. We kept all the best parts (tons of fruit and nuts, great boozy flavor) but tweaked the recipe so that it takes less time to make and results in a much more appetizing treat. Our tip: Bake a loaf before Christmas so you’ve got one less thing to worry about the day of.

Classic Gingerbread Cake

Classic Gingerbread Cake is the epitome of the Christmas season and the perfect breakfast cake with your morning cup of coffee. When I was younger and loved getting holiday drinks from Starbucks I used to love the gingerbread loaf they would sell and I would buy a slice without fail.

This Classic Gingerbread Cake is like the Gingerbread loaf from Starbucks without the icing and it is the perfect slice of cake for your morning coffee or for easy holiday office treats. The flavors are strong, sweet, slightly spicy from the ginger and scream holidays.

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

My s’mores chocolate mousse inspired me to play around in the kitchen the other week. I’ve always loved chocolate mousse, back to my childhood when my mom served it as an easy (yet totally elegant) dessert on the holiday table. Chocolate mousse is simple divinity in its own right, but when paired with chocolate cake, it’s downright decadent.

I made this chocolate mousse cake for my husband Kevin’s birthday. This cake basically demands a huge gathering because– trust me– you don’t want to be left alone with its temptation. It WILL call out your name each time you open the refrigerator.

Taunting you.

Nutella Crunch Cake Balls

This weekend is going to be the most glorious celebration of all time, ever. I’m probably going to ugly cry when Taylor walks down the aisle and that’s totally okay because it’s important that she look pretty, not me. We’re going to drink all the champs, boogie all night and smile until our faces hurt. And then I’m going to eat cake. Lots of it.

But I’ve got to go wax my legs and apply goop to this sunburn/pimple/monster, so let’s get to the cake balls!

Nutella is the stuff of puppies and unicorns and laughing babies, and since you guys go crazy for the stuff I figured it was about damn time I put it in a cake ball. For these Nutella Crunch Cake Balls, I used a boxed chocolate cake for the base, then added a Nutella frosting (mostly just Nutella), drizzled the balls with Nutella-spiked candy coating and then topped them off with roasted hazelnut pieces for a hearty crunch.

That’s all folks. A helluva lot of Nutella and a little elbow grease and you’ve got chocolatey, hazelnutty, crunchy-on-the-outside-soft-and-gooey-on-the-inside, bridesmaid-diet-ruining perfection.

My work here is done! Well, for today anyway.

Cinnamon Roll Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This Cinnamon Roll Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is lick-your-plate, DELICIOUS. All of the warm, ooey gooey, cinnamon taste you love from a cinnamon roll, without any of the fuss. No rolling, rising, etc.

With just 15 minutes prep time, it’s SOO easy, and the end result is a delicious, moist, cinnamon roll cake that will make the people in your life very, very happy!

Coffee Cake Recipe

One of my FAVORITE things to make for a breakfast get-together is coffee cake! This next recipe is quick and it is so buttery and cinnamon-y that everyone loves it. My mom first made it for me when I left for a summer camp as a teenager and I remember thinking, “I need to have this recipe in my life!” It was just too good.

Since then, I’ve tried a few coffee cake recipes before, but none come close to this one. It’s simple and has become a staple for many holiday morning celebrations. This cake is moist, soft, warm and full of cinnamon and sugar goodness.

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

No-bake cheesecakes are always a great treat, no matter if it is summer or winter. They are dreamy creamy and oh so delicious. This No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake is my new favorite. The blueberry taste is super intense, and the filling is so creamy, velvety, and smooth that I would love to lay in there.

Because I love to bake from scratch, I added homemade blueberry sauce to the filling. You could substitute with blueberry jam, but I really encourage you to make the blueberry sauce on your own. You need just 3 ingredients and it’s very easy to make.