Okay, so I totally know what you’re thinking of when I mention Cashew Chicken. A sort of ordinary, Chinese food buffet version, right? Good but lacking in pizzazz. This, my friends, is NOT ordinary Chinese food cashew chicken. This is the Cashew Chicken of Thailand. Cooked in a fiery hot wok in a matter of minutes, it’s packed with flavor, tender peppers and onions, perfectly cooked golden brown chicken, and a sauce that will make you go back for seconds…and thirds…and get excited for leftovers at lunch.

In Thailand, this is still considered a Chinese-style dish, but it is so prevalent in Bangkok that it’s become Thai food in its own right. Spice is optional here, but as with most Thai food, a little heat is always welcome. When I make it for my kids, I skip the spice – the sauce is perfectly flavorful all on its own.

Like most stir-fry dishes, this is a weeknight favorite. A few minutes of prep means all of the ingredients are ready to go and the dish can be finished in the wok in 15 minutes or less. Cooking everything in the right order is key. Here we go!

Better Than Takeout Orange Chicken

Growing up in California there was certainly no shortage of good Chinese food. Now that we live in Utah that’s a whole different story. Stephen and I have searched long and hard but still can’t find good Chinese food! Crazy, huh?! The other day I decided that I needed to search for a few recipes online and see if I could make something that would be equally as good. That’s not always easy to do, especially with asian food. I was really skeptical about the end results but I have to say, this orange chicken is by far better than any takeout we’ve ever had. It’s delicious! 

Baked Shrimp Salmon Recipe

This oven baked salmon recipe is so quick to prepare. Fresh salmon fillets with shrimp and asparagus in lemon butter, a one-pan meal. The butter and lemon penetrate deep into the salmon-producing the juiciest and most flavorful salmon. When combined with the shrimp and asparagus, this one-pan meal is mouthwateringly delicious.

I love dishes that have melted butter combined with seasonings. The butter melts and enhances the flavors of the dish whether you are using salmon or Cod or Chicken Thighs.

Indian Salmon Curry

There’s everything to love about this super easy & quick Salmon curry Indian Style! Do you know why?

It’s not because this Indian Salmon curry is creamy or rich. This curry is special because it’s homey with all those everyday flavors that combine to make a comforting & light meal 🙂

Today’s recipe is not restaurant style cooking but home-style where the spices are correctly balanced with the right amount of onion, tomato & garlic.

You won’t be perplexed with overwhelming flavors because this curry is all about the Salmon & less about the other ingredients.

Classic Gingerbread Cake

Classic Gingerbread Cake is the epitome of the Christmas season and the perfect breakfast cake with your morning cup of coffee. When I was younger and loved getting holiday drinks from Starbucks I used to love the gingerbread loaf they would sell and I would buy a slice without fail.

This Classic Gingerbread Cake is like the Gingerbread loaf from Starbucks without the icing and it is the perfect slice of cake for your morning coffee or for easy holiday office treats. The flavors are strong, sweet, slightly spicy from the ginger and scream holidays.

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

My s’mores chocolate mousse inspired me to play around in the kitchen the other week. I’ve always loved chocolate mousse, back to my childhood when my mom served it as an easy (yet totally elegant) dessert on the holiday table. Chocolate mousse is simple divinity in its own right, but when paired with chocolate cake, it’s downright decadent.

I made this chocolate mousse cake for my husband Kevin’s birthday. This cake basically demands a huge gathering because– trust me– you don’t want to be left alone with its temptation. It WILL call out your name each time you open the refrigerator.

Taunting you.

Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai

I feel like this Whole30 Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai recipe has been sitting in the back of my head ever since I made Zucchini Pad Thai last year!  But let’s be real, sweet potatoes have my heart and it was only a matter of time before they made their way into one of my favorite meals. I have fond memories of Pad Thai in my college days.  I had never had it before and there was a place near our campus we would go and get huge take out containers of it after water polo practice.  The chunks of chicken and scrambled egg, the bright sweet flavor of the sauce and a few slices of lime to squeeze all over the top.  These are things I wanted to remember when I took a bite, but minus the noodles, sugar in the sauce, soy and msg that I am sure was packed into the old version.

So I stuck with the basics of clean Thai cooking – fish sauce, coconut aminos, and of course rice vinegar!!

I am so excited to be working with Nakano again to showcase their amazing Natural Rice Vinegar in all of its glory!! I use rice vinegar in all type of dishes from salads to sauces but it’s sweet spot is really in Asian cuisine.  It helps give dishes that “ooo why does that taste so good?” reaction!  Matt is the king of adding vinegar to things and I feel like every week we will be making something and he tries it and says hmm i think it needs a splash of vinegar!  And we add the splash and it seriously makes all the difference.  I love that about vinegar and adding a mellow rice vinegar like Nakano to pretty much anything is a go to move in our kitchen.  If you want to try out Nakano’s new Organic line get a coupon here!!

Okay let’s get into this Whole30 Sweet Potato Pad Thai goodness shall we?!

Crock Pot Thai Ginger Chicken Soup

When I was taking the photos for this Crock Pot Thai Ginger Chicken Soup, my six-year-old daughter stood behind me telling me how good it looked. “Mommy, that looks sooo yummy.” “Mommy, when can we eat it?” “Mommy, what’s that yummy soup called?” I was shocked, because I thought for sure the kids would be eating something else while my husband and I dined on this for dinner, and as I clicked my camera, I wondered it I should have doubled the recipe.

This Crock Pot Thai Ginger Chicken Soup is hearty, has great flavor, and can be easily modified to suit tastes and on-hand ingredients. This would look and taste great with sliced bell peppers if you’re into that sort of thing, which I totally am.

Asian Salmon Tacos

Sunday morning I was relaxing in bed with Pete reading this list with a smile on my face when I somehow dumped a massive cup of coffee (with cream) all over the entire bed. I then tried with my greatest speed and strength to completely strip everything off the bed before it soaked into the mattress. Blech. Lets just say that the relaxation party was over, and 10 hours later I am still working on all of the laundary I created from that one clumsy moment. The rest of the day was spent on a pinterest binge, trying to help the girls fly a kite in the wind storm while my family watched the Seahawks game inside. The funny part is, that while we are 4 miles from Century Link Field, no one is exaggerating that it is the loudest stadium in football. We could hear the cheering from our back terrace. Seriously.

And at the end of this lazy weekend, I wanted something delicious and healthy and EASY. Enter these Asian Salmon Tacos- the perfect twist on traditional Fish Tacos


Homemade Sushi

I’ll be very honest and say that there’s definitely a reason why chefs spend a decade learning how to perfect sushi rice or cut raw fish like a boss, because it does make a difference.

Homemade sushi will never be at the level of sushi from the top sushi restaurants in NYC, but here’s where homemade sushi wins:

You get to gorge yourself on a sushi FEAST for like $20, whereas a similar amount of sushi at a restaurant would cost a couple hundred. Soooooo worth it, if you ask me.

And you know what else? Sushi is really fun to make at home.