Okay, so I totally know what you’re thinking of when I mention Cashew Chicken. A sort of ordinary, Chinese food buffet version, right? Good but lacking in pizzazz. This, my friends, is NOT ordinary Chinese food cashew chicken. This is the Cashew Chicken of Thailand. Cooked in a fiery hot wok in a matter of minutes, it’s packed with flavor, tender peppers and onions, perfectly cooked golden brown chicken, and a sauce that will make you go back for seconds…and thirds…and get excited for leftovers at lunch.

In Thailand, this is still considered a Chinese-style dish, but it is so prevalent in Bangkok that it’s become Thai food in its own right. Spice is optional here, but as with most Thai food, a little heat is always welcome. When I make it for my kids, I skip the spice – the sauce is perfectly flavorful all on its own.

Like most stir-fry dishes, this is a weeknight favorite. A few minutes of prep means all of the ingredients are ready to go and the dish can be finished in the wok in 15 minutes or less. Cooking everything in the right order is key. Here we go!

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