Turmeric Chicken and Rice

This turmeric chicken and rice dish reminds me of chicken biryani, a dish which my sister in law introduced me and my family to.  We love the rice biryani so much, it has since become a regular take-out dish at my house. Luckily, I found this turmeric chicken rice recipe on the “Food and Wine” annual cookbook that my co-worker gave me recently.  I found some interesting recipes in the cookbook that I am already planning to make including this chicken rice dish.  In this recipe, the chicken pieces were first browned in melted butter and then cooked on low heat with the aromatics, spices and rice. The result was this incredibly delicious rice dish that is packed full of flavor. It was a complete meal in itself. I am so impressed on how this dish turned out. My family, especially my husband, could not get enough of it. He has been having it at work for couple of days now.  He enjoyed it as is but I had mine with tzatziki. Enjoy!

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